Friday, November 26, 2010

My starting....

I was not very much bothered to do investment in the first two years of my career. In fact nobody advised me the importance of being invested. I was ignorant how to multiply my money.
I started with investing 1 lakh, to save the tax. But it was not very wise. The main objective for those investments was to get a proof of investment which is covered under 80C so that I can save the tax. Now I am wondering how different it would have been, if I was a good investor since from the beginning. I am sure that I would have multiplied my earnings couple of times, if I knew how to and where to. Past is past...

It is all about: Knowing How, Acting Now.

When I changed my first company, I started meeting people who call themselves as "Market Guru", they were claiming that they knew everything about share market and investing. Many people in software industry do that. They have unlimited internet connection and infinite time!

I started talking to people around me. Then extended to all forum from I can get some help. Everybody seems to be giving lot of advice for free. It is not stock advice rather they say "It is very risky. It is not for people like us. You need different skills for this. This is not your cup of tea... etc..."

People were pointing at the negatives only, I wanted to convert this challenges to an opportunity. I have decided that I will learn to invest.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Better late than never

Are you late for investment?
I don't think so! But why is the caption talks about late, it is because if you would have started earlier you could have multiplied your money.
So let gets started.

Why this blog?

When I started investment in the market, I was looking for some guidance and I struggled to find some. I wanted to share my experience so far and would like to invite my buddies to share their thoughts as well.
When you invest in share market, there are no enemies, all are your friends. No harm in sharing the script info because if they also buy, the demand rises and the price goes up. That will increase the share value thus, more money to you.

I would like to start with some basics. If any one of you feels that something I mentioned here is wrong, please feel free to correct me.

There is no trade advice here, I am sharing my experiences.

Only one idea: Make your money work for you, while you sleep.